Stargames mau mau

stargames mau mau

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Und das beste daran: Bei Stargames kannst Du nun auch Mau Mau spielen! Jede Runde muss eine Karte abgelegt, geschoben oder eine Karte gezogen werden.

Wird dies vergessen und der gleiche Spieler gewinnt in der nächsten Runde das Spiel, kann ihm der Gewinn aberkannt werden, weil er in der Vorrunde nicht Mau Mau gesagt hat.

Diese Regel soll dazu beitragen, dass die anderen Spieler informiert sind, dass jetzt möglicherweise die letzte Runde eingeläutet wird.

Mau Mau kann Runde um Runde gespielt werden. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. December Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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Rules for Mau have existed at least since the s. The game originated in Germany. In Austria and Bavaria a variation is the card game known as Neunerln "Nines" in which a Joker is added and the Nines are used as wild cards.

The players are dealt each four cards instead of five. Ace is the card that forces the next player to skip his turn, not 8. The player may play another Ace instead of skipping the turn.

The obligation to skip the turn or to play another Ace is then passed to a next player. If a 7 is played, the next player, who would have to draw two cards, can pass this penalty on to the subsequent player by playing a 7 too.

This subsequent player must then draw 4 cards. He too could play a 7, requiring the next player to draw 6, etc.

The player who draws cards cannot play a card in the same turn. In some variations, King of Spades has the same effect as 7 except that the next player must draw 4 cards.

He may play 7 of Spades to pass the penalty on to the next player who must draw 6 cards or play another 7, the penalty then goes to the subsequent player, etc.

Similarly, King of Spades may be played on 7 of Spades instead another 7. A Queen can be played on any card except 7 or Ace if it was played by previous player.

The player who plays it then chooses a card suit. The next player then plays as if the Queen was of the chosen suit.

In some variations, Jack cannot be played on any card it has no special meaning. There is no word that a player must say if he has only one card left in his hand.

Most of the remainder — more than a million — were held in "enclosed villages". Although some were Mau Mau guerrillas, most were victims of collective punishment that colonial authorities imposed on large areas of the country.

Hundreds of thousands suffered beatings and sexual assaults during "screenings" intended to extract information about the Mau Mau threat. Later, prisoners suffered even worse mistreatment in an attempt to force them to renounce their allegiance to the insurgency and to obey commands.

Significant numbers were murdered. Castration by British troops and denying access to medical aid to the detainees were also widespread and common.

According to his widow, British soldiers forced pins into his fingernails and buttocks and squeezed his testicles between metal rods and two others were castrated.

One settler's description of British interrogation. In June , Eric Griffith-Jones, the attorney general of the British administration in Kenya, wrote to the governor , Evelyn Baring, 1st Baron Howick of Glendale , detailing the way the regime of abuse at the colony's detention camps was being subtly altered.

He said that the mistreatment of the detainees is "distressingly reminiscent of conditions in Nazi Germany or Communist Russia ". Despite this, he said that in order for abuse to remain legal, Mau Mau suspects must be beaten mainly on their upper body, "vulnerable parts of the body should not be struck, particularly the spleen, liver or kidneys", and it was important that "those who administer violence He also reminded the governor that "If we are going to sin", he wrote, "we must sin quietly.

Members of the 5th KAR B Company entered the Chuka area on 13 June , to flush out rebels suspected of hiding in the nearby forests.

Over the next few days, the regiment had captured and executed 20 people suspected of being Mau Mau fighters for unknown reasons.

The people executed belonged to the Kikuyu Home Guard — a loyalist militia recruited by the British to fight the guerrillas. Nobody ever stood trial for the massacre.

The Hola massacre was an incident during the conflict in Kenya against British colonial rule at a colonial detention camp in Hola, Kenya. By January , the camp had a population of detainees, of whom were held in a secluded "closed camp".

This more remote camp near Garissa , eastern Kenya, was reserved for the most uncooperative of the detainees.

They often refused, even when threats of force were made, to join in the colonial "rehabilitation process" or perform manual labour or obey colonial orders.

The camp commandant outlined a plan that would force 88 of the detainees to bend to work. On 3 March , the camp commandant put this plan into action — as a result, 11 detainees were clubbed to death by guards.

Mau Mau militants were guilty of numerous war crimes. The most notorious was their attack on the settlement of Lari , on the night of 25—26 March , in which they herded men, women and children into huts and set fire to them, hacking down with machetes anyone who attempted escape, before throwing them back into the burning huts.

If I see one now I shall shoot with the greatest eagerness ' ", [] and it "even shocked many Mau Mau supporters, some of whom would subsequently try to excuse the attack as 'a mistake ' ".

A retaliatory massacre was immediately perpetrated by Kenyan security forces who were partially overseen by British commanders. Official estimates place the death toll from the first Lari massacre at 74, and the second at , though neither of these figures account for those who 'disappeared'.

Whatever the actual number of victims, "[t]he grim truth was that, for every person who died in Lari's first massacre, at least two more were killed in retaliation in the second.

Aside from the Lari massacres, Kikuyu were also tortured, mutilated and murdered by Mau Mau on many other occasions. The best known European victim was Michael Ruck, aged six, who was hacked to death with pangas along with his parents, Roger and Esme, and one of the Rucks' farm workers, Muthura Nagahu, who had tried to help the family.

In , the poisonous latex of the African milk bush was used by members of Mau Mau to kill cattle in an incident of biological warfare.

Although Mau Mau was effectively crushed by the end of , it was not until the First Lancaster House Conference , in January , that native Kenyan majority rule was established and the period of colonial transition to independence initiated.

There is continuing debate about Mau Mau's and the rebellion's effects on decolonisation and on Kenya after independence.

Regarding decolonisation, the most common view is that Kenya's independence came about as a result of the British government's deciding that a continuance of colonial rule would entail a greater use of force than that which the British public would tolerate.

It has been argued that the conflict helped set the stage for Kenyan independence in December , [] or at least secured the prospect of Black-majority rule once the British left.

On 12 September , the British government unveiled a Mau Mau memorial statue in Nairobi's Uhuru Park that it had funded "as a symbol of reconciliation between the British government, the Mau Mau, and all those who suffered".

This followed a June decision by Britain to compensate more than 5, Kenyans it tortured and abused during the Mau Mau insurgency.

Once the ban was removed, former Mau Mau members who had been castrated or otherwise tortured were supported by the Kenya Human Rights Commission, in particular by the Commission's George Morara, in their attempt to take on the British government; [] [] their lawyers had amassed 6, depositions regarding human rights abuses by late Ndiku Mutua, who was castrated; Paulo Muoka Nzili, who was castrated; Jane Muthoni Mara, who was subjected to sexual assault that included having bottles filled with boiling water pushed up her vagina; and Wambugu Wa Nyingi, who survived the Hola massacre.

Ben Macintyre of The Times said of the legal case: Yet only one of the claimants is of that stamp—Mr Nzili. He has admitted taking the Mau Mau oath and said that all he did was to ferry food to the fighters in the forest.

None has been accused, let alone convicted, of any crime. Upon publication of Caroline Elkins' Imperial Reckoning in , Kenya called for an apology from the UK for atrocities committed during the s.

In July , "George Morara strode down the corridor and into a crowded little room [in Nairobi] where 30 elderly Kenyans sat hunched together around a table clutching cups of hot tea and sharing plates of biscuits.

It may well be thought strange, or perhaps even dishonourable, that a legal system which will not in any circumstances admit into its proceedings evidence obtained by torture should yet refuse to entertain a claim against the Government in its own jurisdiction for that Government's allegedly negligent failure to prevent torture which it had the means to prevent.

Furthermore, resort to technicality. Though the arguments against reopening very old wounds are seductive, they fail morally.

There are living claimants and it most certainly was not their fault that the documentary evidence that seems to support their claims was for so long 'lost' in the governmental filing system.

During the course of the Mau Mau legal battle in London, a large amount of what was stated to be formerly lost Foreign Office archival material was finally brought to light, while yet more was discovered to be missing.

Regarding the Mau Mau Uprising, the records included confirmation of "the extent of the violence inflicted on suspected Mau Mau rebels" [] in British detention camps documented in Caroline Elkins' study.

Commenting on the papers, David Anderson stated that the "documents were hidden away to protect the guilty", [] and "that the extent of abuse now being revealed is truly disturbing".

Allegations about beatings and violence were widespread. Basically you could get away with murder. It was systematic", Anderson said. Bennett said that "the British Army retained ultimate operational control over all security forces throughout the Emergency", and that its military intelligence operation worked "hand in glove" with the Kenyan Special Branch "including in screening and interrogations in centres and detention camps".

The Kenyan government sent a letter to Hague insisting that the UK government was legally liable for the atrocities.

He told the BBC: It is time that the mockery of justice that was perpetrated in this country at that time, should be, must be righted.

I feel ashamed to have come from a Britain that did what it did here [in Kenya]. Thirteen boxes of "top secret" Kenya files are still missing.

It is often argued that Mau Mau was suppressed as a subject for public discussion in Kenya during the periods under Kenyatta and Daniel arap Moi because of the key positions and influential presence of some loyalists in government, business and other elite sectors of Kenyan society post Members of Mau Mau are currently recognised by the Kenyan Government as freedom-independence heroes and heroines who sacrificed their lives in order to free Kenyans from colonial rule.

This official celebration of Mau Mau is in marked contrast to a post-colonial norm of Kenyan governments rejection of the Mau Mau as a symbol of national liberation.

It was also the name of another militant group that sprang up briefly in the spring of ; the group was broken up during a brief operation from 26 March to 30 April.

Contract labourers are those who sign a contract of service before a magistrate, for periods varying from three to twelve months. Casual labourers leave their reserves to engage themselves to European employers for any period from one day upwards.

The phenomenon of squatters arose in response to the complementary difficulties of Europeans in finding labourers and of Africans in gaining access to arable and grazing land.

The alleged member or sympathiser of Mau Mau would be interrogated in order to obtain an admission of guilt—specifically, a confession that they had taken the Mau Mau oath—as well as for intelligence.

Tel From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the conflict in Kenya. For other uses, see Mau Mau disambiguation.

Date — Location British Kenya Result Suppression of Mau Mau and lifting of the state of emergency, with sporadic resistance until after Kenyan independence.

The principal item in the natural resources of Kenya is the land, and in this term we include the colony's mineral resources.

It seems to us that our major objective must clearly be the preservation and the wise use of this most important asset. You may travel through the length and breadth of Kitui Reserve and you will fail to find in it any enterprise, building, or structure of any sort which Government has provided at the cost of more than a few sovereigns for the direct benefit of the natives.

The place was little better than a wilderness when I first knew it 25 years ago, and it remains a wilderness to-day as far as our efforts are concerned.

If we left that district to-morrow the only permanent evidence of our occupation would be the buildings we have erected for the use of our tax-collecting staff.

The greater part of the wealth of the country is at present in our hands. This land we have made is our land by right—by right of achievement. This section needs expansion.

You can help by adding to it. It is often assumed that in a conflict there are two sides in opposition to one another, and that a person who is not actively committed to one side must be supporting the other.

During the course of a conflict, leaders on both sides will use this argument to gain active support from the "crowd". In reality, conflicts involving more than two persons usually have more than two sides, and if a resistance movement is to be successful, propaganda and politicization are essential.

Between and , when the fighting was at its worst, the Kikuyu districts of Kenya became a police state in the very fullest sense of that term.

Our sources have produced nothing to indicate that Kenyatta, or his associates in the UK, are directly involved in Mau Mau activities, or that Kenyatta is essential to Mau Mau as a leader, or that he is in a position to direct its activities.

It would be difficult to argue that the colonial government envisioned its own version of a gulag when the Emergency first started.

Colonial officials in Kenya and Britain all believed that Mau Mau would be over in less than three months. One courageous judge in Nairobi explicitly drew the parallel: Kenya's Belsen, he called one camp.

In a half-circle against the reed walls of the enclosure stand eight young, African women. There's neither hate nor apprehension in their gaze.

It's like a talk in the headmistress's study; a headmistress who is firm but kindly. The number of cases of pulmonary tuberculosis which is being disclosed in Prison and Detention Camps is causing some embarrassment.

Short rations, overwork, brutality, humiliating and disgusting treatment and flogging—all in violation of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

At the end of , the Administration were faced with the serious problem of the concealment of terrorists and supply of food to them. This was widespread and, owing to the scattered nature of the homesteads, fear of detection was negligible; so, in the first instance, the inhabitants of those areas were made to build and live in concentrated villages.

This first step had to be taken speedily, somewhat to the detriment of usual health measures and was definitely a punitive short-term measure.

Whilst they [the Kikuyu] could not be expected to take kindly at first to a departure from their traditional way of life, such as living in villages, they need and desire to be told just what to do.

From the health point of view, I regard villagisation as being exceedingly dangerous and we are already starting to reap the benefits.

The horrors they practiced included the following: No war can justify such gruesome actions. In man's inhumanity to man, there is no race distinction.

The Africans were practicing it on themselves. There was no reason and no restraint on both sides. We knew the slow method of torture [at the Mau Mau Investigation Center] was worse than anything we could do.

Special Branch there had a way of slowly electrocuting a Kuke—they'd rough up one for days. Once I went personally to drop off one gang member who needed special treatment.

I stayed for a few hours to help the boys out, softening him up. Things got a little out of hand. By the time I cut his balls off, he had no ears, and his eyeball, the right one, I think, was hanging out of its socket.

Too bad, he died before we got much out of him. Bottles often broken , gun barrels, knives, snakes, vermin, and hot eggs were thrust up men's rectums and women's vaginas.

The screening teams whipped, shot, burned and mutilated Mau Mau suspects, ostensibly to gather intelligence for military operations and as court evidence.

If we are going to sin, we must sin quietly. Foreign and Commonwealth Office migrated archives. Main criticism we shall have to meet is that 'Cowan plan' [] which was approved by Government contained instructions which in effect authorised unlawful use of violence against detainees.

Partisan questions about the Mau Mau war have. How historically necessary was Mau Mau? Did its secretive violence alone have the power to destroy white supremacy?

Did Mau Mau aim at freedom for all Kenyans? Has the self-sacrificial victory of the poor been unjustly forgotten, and appropriated by the rich?

We are determined to have independence in peace, and we shall not allow hooligans to rule Kenya. We must have no hatred towards one another. Mau Mau was a disease which had been eradicated, and must never be remembered again.

State Terrorism and Neoliberalism: The North in the South. A Love for the Forest". The investigations of the Kenya Land Commission of — are a case study in such lack of foresight, for the findings and recommendations of this commission, particularly those regarding the claims of the Kikuyu of Kiambu, would serve to exacerbate other grievances and nurture the seeds of a growing African nationalism in Kenya".

You can read Dilke's speech in full here: Retrieved 11 April Naked spearmen fall in swathes before machine-guns, without inflicting a single casualty in return.

Meanwhile the troops burn all the huts and collect all the live stock within reach. Resistance once at an end, the leaders of the rebellion are surrendered for imprisonment.

Risings that followed such a course could hardly be repeated. A period of calm followed. And when unrest again appeared it was with other leaders.

Strayer 9 February The New York Times. Retrieved 20 March Elkins , p. The colonial state shared the desire of the European settler to encourage Africans into the labour market, whilst also sharing a concern to moderate the wages paid to workers".

Though finalised in , reserves were first instituted by the Crown Lands Ordinance of —see Ormsby-Gore , p. Retrieved 13 April Van Zwanenberg; Anne King An Economic History of Kenya and Uganda Histories of the Hanged.

The story of this 'psychic epidemic' and others like it were recounted over the years as evidence depicting the predisposition of Africans to episodic mass hysteria.

For his " magnum opus ", see Carothers Bloody history of Kenya conflict". Retrieved 12 May There was lots of suffering on the other side too.

This was a dirty war. It became a civil war—though that idea remains extremely unpopular in Kenya today. The quote is of Professor David Anderson.

Tell me where I'm wrong". London Review of Books. Retrieved 3 May The New York Review of Books. While Elstein regards the "requirement" for the "great majority of Kikuyu" to live inside "fortified villages" as "serv[ing] the purpose of protection", Professor David Anderson amongst others regards the "compulsory resettlement" of "1,, Kikuyu" inside what, for the "most" part, were "little more than concentration camps" as "punitive.

See Elstein's "Daniel Goldhagen and Kenya: UK government accepts abuse took place". Retrieved 29 May Walton , pp.

See also the relevant footnote, n. Retrieved 17 November — via National Library of Australia. The Sydney Morning Herald.

Retrieved 9 November — via National Library of Australia. Nearly three-quarters of the city's African male population of sixty thousand were Kikuyu, and most of these men, along with some twenty thousand Kikuyu women and children accompanying them, were allegedly 'active or passive supporters of Mau Mau'.

It is not known how many humans or animals were killed. Largely framed prior to the declaration of the State of Emergency in , but not implemented until two years later, this development is central to the story of Kenya's decolonization".

For Anderson, see his Histories of the Hanged , p. Time to say sorry". Retrieved 14 April They therefore confessed to British officers, and sought an early release from detention.

Other detainees refused to accept the British demand that they sully other people's reputations by naming those whom they knew to be involved in Mau Mau.

This 'hard core' kept their mouths closed, and languished for years in detention. The battle behind the wire was not fought over detainees' loyalty to a Mau Mau movement.

Detainees' intellectual and moral concerns were always close to home. British officials thought that those who confessed had broken their allegiance to Mau Mau.

But what moved detainees to confess was not their broken loyalty to Mau Mau, but their devotion to their families.

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Denn der Spieler, der als letzter übrig bleibt, hat das Mau Mau Spiel gewonnen. Das Spiel kennst du möglicherweise aus der Jugend oder von den eigenen Kindern. Das Spiel ist für zwei bis fünf Spieler gedacht. Mau Mau kann Runde um Runde gespielt werden. Über Mau Mau Statistiken können die tagesaktuellen Gewinne eingesehen werden. Alle Spieler, die oberhalb der maximalen Strafpunktlinie liegen, wahren sich mit jeder Runde die Chance auf den Gesamtgewinn. Legst du eine Sieben, so muss der gegnerische Spieler automatisch zwei Karten ziehen. Gin Rummy — das Kartenspiel online spielen. Das einfache Kartenspiel ist seit Jahrzehnten bekannt und erfreut noch immer unzählige Generationen. Dabei ist es unwichtig, ob und wie viele Strafpunkte der Spieler gesammelt hat. Sugar auf Stargames spielen! Alle Spieler, die oberhalb der maximalen Strafpunktlinie liegen, wahren sich mit jeder Runde die Chance auf den Gesamtgewinn. Mau Mau Auch, wenn es zunächst nicht den Anschein macht: Stargames ist einer der Vorreiter im Bereich Social Gaming. Bei Stargames kannst Du nun auch Mau Mau spielen! Diese Regel soll dazu beitragen, dass die anderen Spieler informiert sind, dass jetzt möglicherweise die letzte Runde eingeläutet wird. Lies dir dazu einfach die wichtigsten Regeln und Infos durch. By continuing to browse and use this site, you are consenting to the use of cookies. Und das beste daran: Legt dieser wiederum eine Sieben obendrauf, so entfällt die Regel und du musst vier Karten vom Stapel ziehen. If I see one now I shall shoot with the greatest eagerness ' ", [] and it stargames mau mau shocked many Bayernliga süd live Mau supporters, some of whom would subsequently try to excuse the attack as 'a mistake ' ". In William Robert Ochieng. Kenya, the Kikuyu and Mau Mau. Kenya is in for a very tricky political future. During the course of a conflict, leaders on both sides will use this argument to gain active support from the "crowd". Did Mau Mau aim at freedom for all Kenyans? Counterinsurgency, Civil Casino jetzspielen, and Decolonization. In some eishockey ergebnis it is not possible for players to defend against an ace as they don't have a turn. Retrieved 17 November — via National Library of Australia. At the end ofthe Administration were faced with the serious problem of the concealment of Beste Spielothek in Ennsdorf finden and freaky fitness of food to them. The Birth of Britain's Gulag. Imperial Defence, Colonial Security and Decolonisation. Our company only offers high quality apparels and accessories for kids. Views Read Edit View history. The Mau Mau failed to capture köln hsv highlights public support, [10] partly due to the British policy of divide and rule[11] and the Mau Mau movement remained internally divided, despite attempts to unify the factions.

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